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Mike Pantoliano Microsoft Excel for SEOs download pdf book

Mike Pantoliano Microsoft Excel for SEOs download book pdf free full

Mike Pantoliano Microsoft Excel for SEOs
Автор книги: Mike Pantoliano

"Microsoft Excel for SEOs"

Жанр: учебник
Год: 0000
Краткое содержание книги Microsoft Excel for SEOs (Mike Pantoliano):
SEOs have been getting into our industry from all sorts of past careers - web designers, developers, marketers, business people and those that "just fell into SEO". Some of these past positions may have required data analysis with Microsoft Excel, but a good many of them did not. Excel was not a big part of my past jobs, and I would guess that many SEOs’ past careers did not require anything more than adequacy in the program. Over the last few years our field has become even more data-driven than in the past thanks to tools like Linkscape, improved Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics, Majestic SEO, Raven, and many others. Additionally, our clients have become wiser and more SEO capable, having been burned in the past by snake oil SEOs. They want reliable SEO advice with a strong verifiable foundation, and who could blame them? Many SEOs are now finding themselves faced with the task of doing fairly complex data analysis to improve their search strategies, and Excel adequacy is not quite enough. This was the position I found myself in not too long ago, and while I’m far from the deadliest ninja in the dojo today, I’ve picked up a thing or two from the brilliant minds around me. With this document I intend to share some of the most valuable aspects of Microsoft Excel for the SEO. It is far from an exhaustive look at everything that can be done with Excel, but hopefully a strong foundation for the SEO’s toolkit. I’ll be including real world SEO tasks, ranging from the relatively simple to rather complex, so I hope there’s something for everyone. So if pivot tables, IF statements, absolute references and nested functions make you scratch your head, read on, Aspiring Ninja!

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